Oladipo (Photo credit: Indiana Public Media)

During this past season, Indiana seesawed between the ranks of number one and number three. Despite their lack of perfect consistency, a few athletes improving at a noticeably rapid pace. Fans could only expect that a few cream and crimson players were outgrowing the league. And while the entire Indiana starting line up is comprised of unique and talented young men, let’s face it—at 6 foot Jordan Hulls knows his senior year is the end of his basketball career. Some players just have the NBA potential, and others don’t, whether their detriment be height or skill.

Number four Victor Oladipo is Indiana’s 6’5” shooting guard Junior hailing originally from Upper Marlboro, Maryland. In his sophomore year, Oladipo was an instrumental character in the Hoosier’s return as a competitive force in the league. But the team’s most unique quality that season was their impeccable teamwork, and although many often attribute the comeback status to the fresh talent of Cody Zeller, for Indiana, basketball is never a one man show. The team cooperated as a united front, perfecting plays and utilizing all five men, one of which was Oladipo. Oladipo, an explosive force, sometimes erupted from the court, racing down to the offensive and executing the most beautiful of slam-dunks.  It was all foreshadowing. This year Oladipo emerged as a crucial facet to the team.

Throughout the season, sports journalists were fascinated by Oladipo’s steadily improving shooting accuracy. While he perfected his jump shot, he increased his offensive presence and began performing with an enhanced sense of confidence and intensity. And when the ball was turned over, Oladipo played aggressive and effective defense becoming an earnest obstacle for opponents. He played such a significant role in each game that when he fell short, both the crowds and his teammates noticed. Anyone remember first half of the Sweet Sixteen game? But his faults only illuminate his influence on the team, and for that matter, on the entire world of college basketball. He was announced Sporting News Men’s College Basketball Player of the Year and the National Co-Defensive Player of the Year. Without surprise, he made the first Team 2013 All-American by the USBWA and Sporting News.

When the Hoosiers fell short in the Sweet Sixteen, reality came crashing down. At the end of the season loomed the major decisions for Indiana’s star athletes. Eyes turned to Oladipo and Zeller. On Tuesday April 9 at a press conference, Oladipo eloquently and thoughtfully honored his Hoosier home, expressing the deepest sentiment to the community, where he thrived as an individual and player.  In this sentimental and honest statement, Oladipo announced his plan to join the NBA draft as he was predicted a top ten pick.

See video of his announcement:

Personally, I cannot wait to see what Oladipo brings to the NBA. Although I am not an NBA enthusiast like I am the NCAA, I fully support #OladiPRO in all his endeavors. I look forward to watching him keep on improving in the big leagues.

Wondering what the Indiana Daily Student has to say about Oladipo’s departure? Check out Michael Norman’s column: http://www.idsnews.com/news/story.aspx?id=92249


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